Exposition PHOTOS Giulio Callegaro (IT) Verona

ProjetM@MottattoM vous invite à l’exposition du photographe véronais Giulio Callegaro du 12 février au 5 mars 2017. Le 11 février à partir de 10h, nous organisons un vernissage avec brunch canadien du Dr. Rosenglück. L’artiste sera présent.


Giulio Callegaro was born in Bolzano in 1977 and lives in Verona. In the Eighties his father introduced him to photography helping him to get acquainted with his first cameras (Kodak Retina and Canon AL1). In the Nineties he starts experimenting. The first productive change happens in 2005 with his first digital reflex, that helps him to practice faster and opens a new collaboration with his friend Thomas Righetti. Together they show their work in some small cultural centres in Bolzano, Verona and Bologna: the project (“matrilog/æsercizi”) offers a selection of images already published online on Fotolog. After that, he uploads his work almost exclusively online, on digital platforms (Flickr), apart from a collaboration with another photographer, Dea Longo, on the project “(un)Real” in 2014 and with Spazio Cabaret Voltaire, a group of young artists, in 2016.

Giulio Callegaro’s work is a research that travels without following a path; it is inspired by every abstract and dreamlike feature, and is often built on details and on a feeling of alienation given by the surrounding space. This research is put into effect like a focal point where to concentrate the visual part of our mind, leaving room for the subconscious, and letting us feel its deeper flow.

Giulios page web: mediaevo.wixsite.com/c-foto