MottattoM Members


Narration workshop, rehearsals and creations / website

  • Catherine Gaillard


Woman artist in MottattoM

  • Uta Richter / website
  • Carmen Bayenet / website
  • Coé Blanchard / website
  • Collectif Affiche Sauvage / website
  • Marian Oberhänsli
  • Gertrud Arnold-Taha
  • Laurianne Monnier


Visual art, performing art, stage technical management

  • Géraldine Schenkel (piano coktail) / website
  • Virginie Delannoy / website
  • Angelo Bergomi (stage technical management)


Musical research, visual arts

94 coins de l’ombre

Rehearsal room managed by three theater companies


  • Theatre company des Faiseurs de Rêves
  • Florence Magni (costume maker)

La Cale

  • Ceramic workshop,  sculpture, instrument maker
  • Plain Tubes (cors des Alpes)


  • Carpenters association and workshop


  • Metalwork association and workshop


Freddo L’Espagnol

  • Actor

Multiples et projetées

  • José Reduto Lopes, urban artist, graphic designer

Charter of MottattoM

  • MottAttoM is a federation of artists and artisans in Geneva, based in a former factory at 20 av. Giuseppe Motta. In this space we manage and maintain artist studios. We keep our working spaces open for creative activities, not only for our members but also for invitees.

  • MottAttoM is part of the alternative culture scene in Geneva and encourages participative projects.

  • MottAttoM defends diversity in creative activities and their integration into the urban environment in our area of the city and among the people living here.

  • MottAttoM favours cultural and artistic events open to everybody.

  • MottAttoM defends all forms of artistic and manual creation including underrepesented arts.

  • MottAttoM supports close collaboration among artists and artisans to make common projects easier.